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The Dershowitz Group accepts four interns three times per year (January-May, May-August, September-December). Undergraduates, recent graduates and graduate students with an interest in international affairs, security issues or energy security are encouraged to apply.

Interns may be asked to develop databases of influencers for relevant policy areas, draft business letters, talking points and FAQ sheets, and prepare client materials. Interns are frequently asked to take ownership of their projects and are given additional responsibilities based upon their professionalism and level of productivity.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a knack for research, excellent time management skills and meticulous attention to detail. They will follow instructions in a precise manner, work in a fast-paced professional environment and learn from a constructive work environment.

Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with senior staff with expertise in foreign policy, media relations, and journalism. Mentorship is an important part of this program. Brown-bag lunch seminars with clients and other persons of interests occur regularly for the benefit of each intern class. Learn more about our Intern Speaker Series.

Interns will interact with clients. Strong writing and oral skills are required. A strong understanding of government, contemporary issues in foreign affairs, and journalism are preferred. Fluency in additional languages is a bonus. Applicants should indicate their proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe programs.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to internships@dershowitzgroup.com .

What Interns are Saying about The Dershowitz Group

"I felt that it was my job every day to educate myself and to continuously be learning. I learned so much about foreign policy and how politics work, which has been very rewarding."
- Jamie Fidler, Summer 2015

"Working at TDG made me realize how much I love the policy aspect of working in D.C., in addition to giving me an idea of what working at a consulting firm is like."
- Leah Ansel, Summer 2015

"There was never a day that I didn't look forward to going into the office. I can promise you that every single person you meet in the TDG office, including your fellow interns, can and will be future networking opportunities."
- Tom Smolarz, Spring 2015

"My internship allowed me to work on multiple long-term and short-term projects about a variety of issues, which made it so I could learn extensively about many relevant issues. All of this newly acquired knowledge has given me a clear direction regarding which issues to focus on further in my career."
- Daniel Hammerman, Fall 2014

"There was never a boring day in the office."
- Tyler Weymouth, Fall 2013

"This internship has given me the best start to a professional career anyone could ask for and has been invaluable in developing my professional skills that can be used in the future."
- Laura Deen, Fall 2013

"Interning at TDG was definitely a worthwhile experience for many reasons. I was able to do a lot of research on topics I am interested in, as well as help prepare for and host events which was an exciting new opportunity."
- Garielle Jette, Spring 2013

"I came to Washington D.C. in search of tangible work experience and to expand my knowledge about the world. I got exactly that at The Dershowitz Group."
- Anna Ha, Fall 2012

"The most important thing I took away from my internship were the professional skills I gained by working closely with TDG staff. These skills, even to date, have helped me to communicate better with authority figures and even to land another internship."
- Danielle Sloane, Fall 2012

"During my internship at TDG, I learned new skills in numerous areas of strategic communications that I could have never learned in quite the same way in a classroom. I was treated extremely professionally, held accountable for my work, and learned many new things along the way."
- Hillary Wasserman, Summer 2012

"I enjoyed the opportunity to work on real projects-pitches, articles, backgrounders, and research-more than I worked on typical 'intern' projects. I was able to apply critical thinking and writing skills to projects, and, within certain boundaries, flex some creative muscle."
- Ben Leiner, Summer 2012

"Interns at TDG are expected to own their work and see projects through to the very end. The staff emphasizes attention to detail, which is something that will help me throughout the rest of my educational career and in my professional life."
- Jeff Maul, Summer 2011

"I worked on truly substantive and timely projects which I think gave me a great insight into foreign affairs outside of academia."
- Nick Sidney, Summer 2011

"Interns at The Dershowitz Group hold real responsibility for the work completed. The Dershowitz Group staff fully embraces interns as fellow employees, sharing in the success and setbacks. It is impossible to walk away from this internship without improving your skills and becoming a better employee."
- Dana Higgins, Spring 2010

"This internship was helpful to me in pursuing my professional career because it provided me with a skill set, such as emphasis on strong and concise writing, that is easily transferable to most other future jobs."
- Arjav Ezekiel, Summer 2009

"I appreciated the opportunity to work closely with senior staff. TDG's team exemplifies hard work, efficiency and confidence, while still maintaining an open and friendly work environment."
- Andrea Anstett, Fall 2009

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